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Welcome to my second Blade Pro Preset Challenge.

It's Pretty simple, all you have to have, is a have a

graphics program, Blade Pro OR Super Blade Pro

and some time to play!

(If you don't have super blade pro/blade pro
you can get a trial version here.)

Okay... Here's what were going to do..

We will start the competition tonight, and you have
till Wednesday night 8:00 P.M. Mountain Time USA
to turn in your entry.

(Only one entry per person).

Everyone will use the same template for creating there entry.

You can download the Challenge Template here.

(Please do not change the background on this template.)

1. All presets will be applied to a white background, which is already selected for you with in the template.
2. You can apply any type of drop shadow to your preset that you like.

3. The only stipulation is the bmp's that you use for your textures while creating your entry
MUST be ones you created yourself.

4. Once you have created the preset you would like to include in the challenge. Apply it to the template and apply your drop shadow if you wish, then "save copy as" a .psp file. (do not merge layers).

5. Now create a zip file, and add your preset .q9q or .q5q file (depending on if you are using SBP or BP) and any bmp's that were used to create that preset. Please name your preset with your "initials_nameofpreset.q9q/q5q"

6. Name your zip file with "your" name Example:""

7. Now you can email this zip file to me, and put in the subject line: "BPP Challenge".

8. I will then send you an email to let you know I have received your preset.

Okay, I think I have covered everything. It's now time to get busy and have some fun creating... I am looking forward to seeing all the great presets you guys come up with.. Now get busy... and let the Presetting begin!!!

If you have any questions
Please feel free to email me...